Awards and Recognitions Received by Thor Halvorssen Mendoza

Thor Halvorsen MendozaWe cannot deny the fact that Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is the reason why Venezuela achieved human rights protection as well as freedom. Halvorssen has many contributions in the government that is indeed beneficial on every people in the society. His contributions paved way on the rise of freedom fighters who really want to change the form of their government.

Through his great achievements and things that he contributed about freedom fighting and human rights protection, he was given many awards and recognitions making him even more popular not only in Venezuela but also in many parts of the world.

Here are some of the awards and recognitions that he received. He was awarded Sol Feinstone Award by the president of University of Pennsylvania, Judith Rodin for he helped on the protection of student speech. Thor Halvorsen Mendoza is a member of leadership board and one of the supporters of American Council of trustees and Alumni.

Thor Halvorsen MendozaEmil Constantinescu, a Romanian leader who awarded Thor Halvorssen a silver medal on the year 2010 on the commemoration of the tenth year anniversary of the 1989 Romanian revolution. This silver medal is for his great contributions in fighting for freedom. Romanians are really thankful to Thor Halvorssen because he is the one who made them realize the essence of freedom.

Those awards and recognitions that he received will served as an evidence that he is a nationalistic kind of person who cares for the goodness of his country and his countrymen. There are many reasons for us to get to know the person behind those organizations that are protecting the rights of everyone and it is Thor Halvorssen.

He really deserves to be awarded and recognized by the society because he really helped a lot those who are in need. There is no reason to forget Thor Halvorssen for he made the lives of the people worth fighting for. People should be aware of what he did to make other countries in the world seek for freedom and protection on human rights. Through this, there is a decrease on the rate of people suffering from abuses which is a good sign that they are learning from their mistakes that they have committed. Let us continue spreading the great contributions of Halvorssen so that the new generation would be able to know why they are free and why their rights are protected.

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