Neil Dhillon and His Work Experience

Neil Dhillon

It really takes a unique and special kind of person to become a public affairs professional. They need to maintain their intelligence about them at just about every moment and to be completely responsive of the present stakeholders in every moment. They need to be confident, sensitive, and informative to each issue and aware of their surroundings particularly when it’s related to global scale. All of these traits need to be transformed by means of several languages and cultural means.

Neil Dhillon represents this type of expert; he was business-minded, worldly, ambitious and a smart person. He is a deal conductor and translator of proceeds that builds up winning situations for public agencies and executive offices on numerous continents. He has the ability to make an impact on board rooms which both parties can promote from a relationship, and then transmitting them together for a deal. As a manager executive and communicator, he creates connections so that companies can develop together with the very groups that support them.

Neil Dhillon is a consultant of the Global Public Affairs for NA Consulting in Washington, D.C. He has spent his thirty years of experience improving the public policy and strategic communications. He succeeded as a senior aide (adviser) to President Bill Clinton and was Congressman Robert Matui’s Chief of Staff from 1988 to 1993.

Neil Dhillon

Gaining over 15 years of experience in the public policy, legislative, advocacy, regulatory, financial operations, strategic communications and senior management, he served as a Chief of Staff to Member of Congress on the House Ways and Means Committee, government affairs aide to President Bill Clinton, and the supervising director for two top global public affair firms. Neil also accepted awards for communication’s program and innovative affairs at the same time as he was at Hill and Knowlton International Public Relations.

He became a catastrophe communication guru because he believed that it is a foundation of public relations. This crisis communication is a desired area in the public relations typically crafted to secure an organization or any individual meeting reputation degradation. Beneath the right set of situation, any organization or individual can be defenseless to a reputation crisis. Dhillon would see it that there is no secret in doing what he always do, what you just need to do is to be prepared.

Having the massive experience in both politics and business, Neil Dhillon recognized how to jump fences and conquer hurdles to bring the exact and right people together. He had signified many organizations and companies.

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